Spaceify is a Helsinki-based start-up company specializing in web-based customer engagement in physical retail. In our vision, the low-barrier-of-entry engagement, automation and mobile payments are brought from the web into brick-and-mortar stores.

Spaceify SelfScanner and Spaceify Marketing Games are the first members in a family of products fulfilling our vision of web-based digilization of physical retail space.

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Spaceify SelfScanner

Spaceify SelfScanner is a self scanning solution with extremely low barrier-of-entry. No APP is needed, it's all web-based!

  1. Open the SelfScanner in a browser using QR code, NFC or URL
  2. Scan the products
  3. Pay with mobile phone or using a self-checkout kiosk
  4. Display the mobile receipt when exiting the store

In US, retailers lose 2-4% of sales due to customers abandoning their baskets because of long queues.[1][2] Spaceify Self-Scanner is designed to minimize this loss!

Spaceify Marketing Games

Spaceify Marketing Games are played on big public displays using the mobile web browser as the game controller. As no APP is needed to play the games, very high conversion rates from passers-by to players can be achieved. By playing the games, players win mobile discount coupons that encourage them to start shopping.

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